Assessment of edge of grid distributed generation alternative

The esaa has published are port authored by Executive Director, Greg Thorpe

The adoption and development of new energy technology, such as rooftop solar PV and battery storage systems, continue to fuel discussion about the future of the electricity grid. The esaa Edge of the Grid report takes a closer look at the potential for new ways of delivering energy to those on the edge of grids. It can be found here or here.

Impact of Optional Firm Access on Generators

Executive Director, Mr. Greg Thorpe's report on the impact on generators of Optional Firm Access has been released by the AEMC as part of a package or reports and the AEMC's draft recommendation to COAG not to proceed with Optional Firm Access in the current environment. paper can be found here

Value of a Grid Connection to Distributed Generation Customers (November 2014 - for Energy Networks Association)

Oakley Greenwood was engaged by the Energy Networks Associations to describe and model the set of grid services delivered by typical electricity distribution networks, and the report provides an initial empirical estimate of the value that: the grid provides to users of rooftop solar PV systems, and a rooftop solar PV system provides to the grid.The hope is that this discussion will aid in understanding these values and the implication of the deployment of rooftop PV systems for the costs and revenues of the grid and the prices that will need to be charged to recover these costs. It may also contribute to the current consideration of how network pricing arrangements could be refined to better reflect these values and thereby enhance equity in network pricing and furtherance of the National Electricity Objective, which is to promote efficient investment in, and efficient operation and use of, electricity services for the long-term interests of consumers. The report is available here.

Dynamic Analysis Techniques for Energy Delivery to Mines, Remote Communities and Gas in Vehicles

Oakley Greenwood presented a workshop at the Mining The Teritory Conference in Darwin (SEAOC August 2014). This workshop covered the detailed financial and market analysis of the use of gas in these applications, and resultant business cases, based on a number of case studies of real projects and our bespoke modelling in this area.  Participants undertook a review of a NT mine site in the workshop to demonmstrate the techiques used and how these effect the business case for gas use. The Workshop was prepared and delivered by our experts in this sector Jeff Thong and Angus Rich. The workshop overview document can be see here.

Review of ElecraNet's Revised Demand Foecasts (January 2013)

Okaley Greenwood were engaged by Electranet to provide and independent review of and advice regarding the reasonableness of the approach taken by ElectraNet in conjunction with SA Power Networks in determining the revised set of connection point demand forecasts that serve as the basis for ElectraNet's revised Revenue Proposal which is to be submitted in January 2013. The project also included an Okaley Greenwood providing and independent critical review of the methodology used by EMCa/NZIER in its report, Review of Demand Forecast Proposed by ElectraNet, and to provide an independent opinion on the reasonableness of the analysis undertaken and the conclusions drawn in the EMCa/NZIER report. The Oakley Greenwood Report  is available here.

Review of Gosford and Wyong (NSW) Water and Waste Water Operating and Capital Expenditure for IPART (December 2012)

Oakley Greenwood were engaged by IPART in conjuction with Hunter Water Australia to indertake a detailed review of the forecast operating and capiatl costs for the water and waster water facilities of Gosford City Council and Wyong Shire Council in NSW. This was commisioned as part of the IPART revenue determinations for both these undertakings. The reports can be found here: Gosford  Wyong

Policy Options for Maximising Downward Pressure on Electricity Prices Report, October 2012

Oakley Greenwood has prepared this independent thought piece as an input to both the public debate and the supporting organisations' consideration of policy options. The organisations are a consortium of the Australian Industry Group, The Brotherhood of St Laurence, CHOICE and The Energy Efficiency Council. This report was formally launched 29th October 2012.


Verve Energy Review

Oakley Greenwood with Deloitte have recently delivered a Final Report to the Oates Review undertaken for the Hon, Peter Collier, Minister for Energy, Western Australia titled "Verve Energy Review". The report considers the reasons for Verve's historical financial performance, its current outlook and options for addressing a number of identified issues with respect to the structure of the market and government owned entities that service the South West Interconnected System.

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