Our Capabilities

Our General Capabilities Document

Areas in which Oakley Greenwood have a demonstrated track record and are available to provide services include:


  • Corporate strategy, business analysis and planning
  • Re-establishing corporate vision and direction in changing markets
  • Business and major project development strategies and corporate analysis
  • Change management, business processes and organisational design
  • Project development and facilitation
  • Dispute resolution

Economic Regulation

  • Policy and rules development for competitive and regulated market segments
  • Network regulation and regulatory economics
  • Pricing Design, Policy and Implementation
  • Advanced metering and demand-side participation

Trading Markets

  • Risk management and trading in energy, carbon and water
  • Advice on climate change and emissions trading developments to all segments of the industry
  • Major gas supply and power agreement negotiation

Advanced Modelling

  • Quantitative analysis including, forecasting, modelling and market analysis
  • Development of bespoke and complying regulatory models
  • Market Models CEMOS, STEMM, and PEPPY
  • For market power and bidding strategies
  • With short term and long term optimisation modules

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