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Specialists in providing high quality advice to participants in the energy and water industries

About Us

Our mission is to provide highly focused and integrated expert consulting services across the spectrum of the energy and water industries covering wholesale, network, retailing and corporate and business advisory.

Oakley Greenwood has been open for business for some 8 years now. We have been very pleased to find our aim to provide high quality expert advice to the energy and water industries has been so welcomed by our clients. Over that time we have grown from our original four directors to a team of 12 directors, consultants and associates. Within Australia we have worked for our previous and new clients in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. Internationally we have worked in New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Middle East and Malaysia. Our projects have provided expert strategically focused advice to major businesses and market and regulatory authorities.

Our Services

The areas in which we have a demonstrated track record and are available to provide services include:

  • Corporate strategy, business analysis and planning
  • Policy and rules development for competitive and regulated market segments
  • Network regulation and regulatory economics
  • Risk management and trading in energy, carbon and water
  • Advice on climate change and emissions trading developments to all segments of the industry
  • Pricing
  • Advanced metering and demand-side participation
  • Change management, business processes and organisational design
  • Quantitative analysis including, forecasting, modelling and market analysis
  • Energy efficiency and carbon abatement
  • Dispute resolution

Our Team

Our team now includes:

Executive Directors:                  Jim Snow, Lance Hoch and Greg Thorpe

Principal Consultants:               Rohan Harris, Jeff Thong, Angus Rich, Tim Ryan, Rod Johannessen,

                                                  Alex Cruickshank, Ed Smith, Francis Chin

Senior Consultants:                   Don Anderson, Andrew Shelley, and John Wallace

The Lantau Group:                       Mike Thomas, Sarah Fairhurst, Tom Parkinson

Please don't hesitate to contact us.


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