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Specialists in providing high quality advice to participants in the energy and water industries

About Us

Our mission is to provide highly focused and integrated expert consulting services across the spectrum of the energy and water industries covering wholesale, network, retailing and corporate and business advisory.

Oakley Greenwood has been open for business for some four years now. We have been very pleased to find our aim to provide high quality expert advice to the energy and water industries has been so welcomed by our clients. Over that time we have grown from our original four directors to a team of 9 directors, consultants and associates. Within Australia we have worked for our previous and new clients in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. Internationally we have worked in New Zealand, Philippines, Middle East and Malaysia. Our projects have provided expert strategically focused advice to major businesses and market and regulatory authorities.

Our Services

The areas in which we have a demonstrated track record and are available to provide services include:

  • Corporate strategy, business analysis and planning
  • Policy and rules development for competitive and regulated market segments
  • Network regulation and regulatory economics
  • Risk management and trading in energy, carbon and water
  • Advice on climate change and emissions trading developments to all segments of the industry
  • Pricing
  • Advanced metering and demand-side participation
  • Change management, business processes and organisational design
  • Quantitative analysis including, forecasting, modelling and market analysis
  • Energy efficiency and carbon abatement
  • Dispute resolution

Our Team

Our team now includes:

Executive Directors:                  Jim Snow, Lance Hoch and Greg Thorpe

Principal Consultants:               Rohan Harris, Jeff Thong, Angus Rich, Ed Smith and Francis Chin

Senior Consultants:                   Don Anderson, Andrew Shelley, Jim McDonald and John Wallace

The Lantau Group:                        Mike Thomas, Sarah Fairhurst, Tom Parkinson

Please don't hesitate to contact us.


Latest News Updates


22 March 2016

Jeff Thong, Principal Consultant presents a paper on gas prices and options for Tasmania - found here

February 2016

The DOIS report "Review of Gas Prices" covered off in the AFR and Business Spectator this month (and other publications), complete with database of all prices can be found here for download - Jim Snow, Executive Director

January 2016

Paper on the concpet of developing Fixed Price Electricity Retail Contracts published - Executive Director, Jim Snow - here

19-20 August 2015

Executive Director Greg Thorpe addresses CIGRE Australia's inaugural conference on integration of distributed energy resources (CIDER) in the Asia Pacific Region - here

18 August 2015

Executive Director Greg Thorpe address to South Australian Council of Social Services on Willingness to Pay - here

20 July 2015

Jim Snow presents paper at Qld Power and Gas 2015 forum on: Assessing the Transformation Ahead - National Energy Market Mark 2 - can be found here.

16 July 2015

New esaa Edge of Grid Report authored by Executive Director, Greg Thorpe has been published taking a closer look at potential new ways of delivering energy to those on the edge of grids (link)

7 May 2015

New Tariff Structure Statement requirements - see update here

16 Apr 2015

Greg Thorpe contributes to the Electricity Authority's review of New Zealand Spot Market with a paper comparing the Australian NEM and the NZ market and stakeholder Q&A session. See here.

13 Apr 2015

Tim Ryan joins Oakley Greenwood as a highly talented Principal Consultant - see here

7 April 2015

The Interim Northern Territory Electricity Market design (OGW - G Thorpe), Consultation Paper, Policy Paper and Proposed System Control Technical Code have been published - see here

12 March 2015

Greg Thorpe's report on the "Impact on Generators of Optional Firm Access" has been released by the AEMC as part of a package or reports and the AEMC's draft recommendation to COAG not to proceed with Optional Firm Access in the current environment - find here.

10 March 2015

Jim Snow presents on The Potential Impact on Network Value of disruptive technologies (PV, battery storage), benchmarking by AER, falling volumes and load factors at AIE Newcastle Forum. More here

17 November 2014

The Energy Networks Association publish the Oakley Greenwood Report comissioned to examine The Value of a Grid Connection to Distributed Generatruion Customers - a look at financial impacts of PV and going "off grid". Report can be viewed here.

12 November 2014

Jim Snow presents on gas pricing and demand at the National Energy Efficiency Conference in Sydney - presnetation is here

August 2014 SEAOC Conference (Darwin)

Oakley Greenwood staff Jeff Thong and Angus Rich presented a detailed workshop at this Conference: Dynamic Analysis and Techniques for Energy Delivery to Mines, Remote Communities and Gas in Vehicles. The can be found here.

11 August 2014

Jim Snow presents at Coaltrans Australia Conference analysing the perceptions of the coal industry and options to improve them - presentation is here

30 April 2014

Lance Hoch presents paper at ENA Conference on SP AusNet Critical Peak Deamnd Tariff - presentation is here

21 March 2014

Jim Snow presents Energy Policy Paper at the Energy State of the Nation Conference in Sydney - presentation is here

21 Feb 2014 - Energy Policy Institute publishes Energy Policy Paper 6 - by Jim Snow - The Economic Impact of High Energy Prices in Australia

23 December 2013 - Northern Territory Utilities Commission: Oakley Greenwood Review of the Wholesale Electricity Generation Market (Design)

13 December 2013 - AEMC realeses OGW Report into network cost drivers for residential electricity prices

26 September 2013 - Jim Snow presents gas and electricity forecasting paper at NSW Energy Summit

4 September 2013 - Greg Thorpe provides expert external review of SA-Vic Interconnector RIT-T proposal for AER

23 May 2015: Paper by Jim Snow, Lance Hoch and Rohan Harris Network Pricing Under a Revenue Cap

22 February 2013: Paper by Jim Snow on network pricing, lack of gas market competition and the appalling state of energy forecasting

29 October 2012: OGW Report released by AiG, Brotherhood St Laurence, CHOICE and Energy Efficiency Council: Policy Options for Maximising Downward Pressure on Electricity Prices

23-24 October 2012: Gas Supply Agreements for Power Generation paper, Jim Snow, Gas Supply Contracts Confernce, Brisbane

24-25 October 2012: Energy Users Annual Conference: Paper by Jim Snow on Gas Supply and Gas Market Options, and by Lance Hoch on Integrating Electricity Policy Objectives

June 2012: OGW Value of Customer Reliability Report, AEMC Draft Advice for NSW Government on reliability options for electricity dustribution

December 2011: Effective Price Signalling to Customers paper Jim Snow, Energy Pricing Summit, Melbourne

November 2011: Orion Energy Dynamic Pricing Case Study, Snow and Hoch, Smart Utilities Conference

October 2011: Valuing Water Supply Using a Market Approach paper by Rattray and Harris - 9th Annual Water Pricing Summit

September 2011: ENA Update reports on NEICF Workshop facilitated by Snow and Hoch



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